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V2 GLOW-UP Underglow Kit

V2 GLOW-UP Underglow Kit

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Rev up your ride with our GLOW UP Underglow Kit! Easy to install and easy for builty to last, these top-quality lightsfor  turn your car into a showstopper. With vibrant colors and cool designs, they're perfect for making a bold statement on the streets or at car meets. Grab yours now and stand out with style! O

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What's included in our kit

- 6 LED strips (2 front, 2 side, 2 rear)

- Bluetooth controller module

- Remote

- Manual for app

- Zipties

- Alcohol wipes

- Stickers

- Air freshener

Key Features

- IP67 waterproof rating

- 12 months warranty

- Remote and app-controlled 

Replacement Strips

Our replacement strips provides a solution for quick fixes if a strip malfunctions, ensuring your setup remains vibrant and functional. Easy to install and reliable.

Link to replacement strips

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